Wallo Net Worth: Income, Bio & Girlfriend [2023]

Wallo net worth

A podcast is the best source to learn something new in this internet time. When a person gets popular through the podcast, then podcast lovers will be interested to know that.

You are right; in this blog, we will discuss Wallo net worth, biography, and girlfriend.

Who is Wallo?

Wallo is an American public speaker, published author, Youtuber, and Trainer. He also is a social media capitalist.

He is famous as wallo267, named for his profession. He was involved in the world of crime as a child and found a new life in 2017 after serving twenty years in prison.

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Real nameWallace Peeples
Famous aswallo267
Birth dateJune 21, 1979
BirthplacePhiladelphia, United States
Parents nameunknown
Prison life20 years
OccupationsAuthor, Public speaker, Youtuber
Age43 years
Zodiac signCancer

Wallo net worth total is

It isn’t effortless to determine the statistics of Wallo’s daily income. Only celebrities refuse to reveal their monthly income figures like any ordinary person.

And besides, their monthly income is increased for changing their work at different times. However, we are disclosing his monthly or yearly income from social media or other sources.

If you know the world’s annual income, you will think about how a writer or public speaker earns so much money. But he indeed uses social media as a source of income.

Now we will know about his income details below-

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He earns yearly about $14k from his YouTube channel. As of the end of 2023, the total value of his YouTube channel is about $43k.

  1. Monthly : $30k to $50k
  2. Yearly: $2 lakh to 2.5 lakh
  3. However, Wallo net worth in 2023 is around $2 million.

He becomes rich?

  1. He is a famous YouTuber who earns enormous amounts of money every year from his YouTube channel.
  2. Also, he is a motivational speaker. He gives motivational speeches at various stages and earns money from them. He charges vast amounts of money to perform each of his scenes.
  3. You have also made your debut as an author within a short period, with various books written by you being sold in multiple places.

Besides, he earns a lot of money from social media or other money.

Education life

Although he attended primary school in childhood, his school life did not last long. At the age of 10, he was once involved in corrupt activities.

That is why it is believed that he could not get into college or any other educational qualification later on. And whether or not it is beyond our understanding of social media.

Early life

Although he attended primary school in his childhood, his school life did not last long. At the age of 10, he was once involved in corrupt activities.

This time he was released, but later, when he was 17 years old, he went into police custody for an armed robbery and was sentenced to 20 years at trial.


Childhood is any person’s main stage or stage of preparation for his later life. But Wallo is the most controversial person I have ever met who has briefly become a famous writer or YouTuber after serving a prison sentence as a child.

wallo career

He started his career at just 37 years old after serving 20 years in prison at 17.

He has a famous YouTube channel that started only five years ago and is currently a precious YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel has around 130k subscribers. He occasionally releases music in tracks or mixtapes on his YouTube channel, ‘ Wallo267’.

After his twenty-year sentence ended in February 2017, he found a new career.

Career as an author

While imprisoned in his twenties, he became an avid reader. From this time, he started dreaming of becoming a writer or was inspired to become a writer.

Two years after his sentence, he became very popular as a writer, especially on social media. Currently, Wallo is writing books and giving lectures at various places.

A few months ago, he published a book titled ‘The mind of a wallo267’. He wrote a notebook called ‘The book of life.

Hobby or What does he like to do?

He spent his childhood in a lot of trouble. So he occasionally provides food to the homeless, financially supports low-income families, and provides food and financial support to orphaned children.

Moreover, he inspires young boys to do good work through motivational videos or words.

Who was Wallo’s girlfriend?

Wallo has not disclosed any information about his personal life on social media, but it is known from various sources that he had a girlfriend named April.

wallo girlfriend

However, it could be said better that he had a girlfriend called April. Everybody wants to spend his life with love and romance.

In this case, Wallo is not different. Once upon a time, He dates April.

They both had an intimate relationship for a long time.

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But for some reason, there is currently no connection between them, and now both of them have broken up, which is known from various social media, especially from Twitter to YouTube.

Any relation between Wallo and Gillie?

They are first cousins. Despite being very influential through their podcast and social platforms, you’ll unlikely hear Gilly’s name mentioned in conversation with Wallo and vice versa.

Unknown facts about Wallo and Gillie

  • Gillie Da King and Wallo were born and grew up in Philadelphia.
  • Wallo is a published author and public speaker.
  • They both started their podcast, “Million Dollaz Worth of Game.”

Gillie was a part of the Cash Money Records roster at one point

  • Wallo went from serving time in prison to becoming a marketing guru.
  • Gillie served as a member of the rap group Major Figgas before his solo efforts surfaced.

Car collection

Wallo is one of the wealthiest celebrities, so he wants to live his life happily, and for that, he has bought different cars from time to time.

wallo net worth

There is no social information about what cars he believes, but he sometimes leaves videos with cars on youtube or other social media.

There are three to four cars that we know of, but we need to get information about the names of the vehicles. But you can search for his car collection on YouTube.

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